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Agricultural Bearings

Agricultural Bearings

YNR bearings engineers designed bearings to answer the requirements of the agricultural industry such as extreme temperature changes, different loads, and capacity. YNR Bearings agricultural bearings are low maintenance and sealed from corrosive environment.
Disc harrow ball bearings,Tri-ply seal series,Non-relubricatable type
  • Cylindrical O.D.
  • Spherical O.D. (Round Bore)
  • Spherical O.D. (Square Bore)
  • Disc harrow units, Tri-Ply seal series, Relubricatable type
  • Ball Bearings Hex bore series
  • Ball bearings CS 200 series, Spherical O.D.
  • Ball bearings Special size (I), (II)
  • Swather bearings
  • AG Bearing Interchange



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