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Food Processing Bearings

Food Processing Bearings

 The food and beverage processing machinery provides the most challenge to the bearing units performance. YNR bearing units have been designed specifically to deal with frequent washings, contaminants, exposure to cleaning agents and the constant temperature changes. The YNR housing offers to the food and beverage industry a quality product that meets the performance requirements for materials used in food and beverage equipment. This specially designed housing along with the overall designed of the units are the keys to success of these bearings.YNR now offers two types of mounted units to the food and beverage industry: standard composite units and thermoplastic units. The YNR mounted composite housing resists corrosion from processing chemicalss and frequent washings.YNR light weight mounted units has greater shock resistance than the typical cast iron. This unit is made of high-grade glass filled thermoplastic polyester. They are interchangeable with conventional cast iron housing. YNR thermoplastic units are maintenance-free and have mechanical strength and stability. The smooth surfaces of these units are more hygenic than cast iron housing where the rough surface may harbor objectionable dirt, mold or bacteria.




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